Traffic Nets Serving Ohio

Ohio Local Nets

Burning River Traffic Net (BRTN), 9:30 PM daily, 147.150 MHz, 
W8DJG manager
Central Ohio Traffic Net (COTN), 7:15 PM (19:15), daily,  146.970 MHz (Columbus RPTR), KD8TTE manager

Miami Valley Traffic Net (MVTN), 7:00 PM Mon, Thurs, Sat, 146.640 MHz,  KC8HTP manager  
Northwest Ohio ARES Net (NWOHARES), 6:40 PM, daily, 146.940 MHz,
PL 103.5, N8TNV manager   

Tri-County Traffic Training Net (TCTTN), 9:30 PM Sun, Tues, Fri,
147.015 MHz, KI8U manager    
Tri-State Amateur Traffic Net (TATN), 8:00 PM daily, 145.370 MHz,
WG8Z manager       
Ohio Section Nets

Ohio Single Sideband Net (OSSBN), 10:30 AM, 4:15 PM. and
6:45 PM daily, 3.972.50 MHz, KC8WH manager

Buckeye Net (Early), BN-E, 6:45 PM daily, 3.580 MHz,
WB8YLO manager

Buckeye Net (Late), BN-L, 10:00 PM daily, 3.590 MHz,
WB9LBI manager
Ohio Slow Net (OSN), 6:00 PM daily, 3.53535 MHz,
W8OLO manager



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